Abrafati 2023

21-23 November | São Paulo, Brazil | Booth B87

We look forward to seeing you at Sun Chemical's booth during Abrafati 2023!


We’re delighted to invite you to join us at Abrafati, where we will be showcasing our latest innovations for the coatings market under the theme “Experience.Transformation”. Visit our stand to discover how you can leverage our broad range of solutions in pigments, polymers and additives to transform your business.

Color Materials Stand Highlights will include:

Benefits of the PigmentViewer App for Your Smart Devices


With high-tech color digitalization the PigmentViewer app enables your smart devices to review and compare coatings samples! Thanks to the digital visualization technology, you can experience effect and color pigments in a realistic format from various angles just as a physical sample under a shining light source. The application outputs the result visually on a “panel.” Whereas in this case, the “panel” is replaced by the smartphone display. Using regular movement, you can evaluate your smartphone as it mimics a panel in a real-life physical environment.


Digital Product Catalog and Data Sheets on Pigment Finder


Sun Chemical’s Pigment Finder enables fast and efficient online access to Sun Chemical’s entire pigment portfolio. Signed in and validated users can extract product catalogs, have access to product comparisons and documents like technical data sheets and PS&R Documents.


Catch the Spark of Innovation with Lumina® HD


Lumina® HD are high-definition semitransparent effect pigments based on fine fraction synthetic mica with the highest performance properties. Delivering exceptional chroma, enhanced distinctness of image and subtle sparkle, they allow formulators to style with maximum interference color in the red/blue color area.


Capture the Sunset with Paliocrom®


Get to know our Paliocrom® Satin Gold EH 3600, a mid shade golden effect pigment with distinct satin character and extremely smooth appearance. Due to its small flake size the new grade enables excellent gloss levels and thin film thickness of automotive basecoats.


A Rainbow of Durable Inorganics


Are you looking for highly durable but eco-friendly lead-free pigments for challenging coating applications such as coil, powder, lead chromate replacement or construction? Check out the top products from our broad inorganic portfolio.


Color Our Future Lead-Free


By supporting more sustainable alternatives in the paint and coatings industries and placing a focus on cost efficiency, we demonstrate how lead-free pigments improve formulations versus former lead-based coatings. Improve the “value in use” (VIU) of your lead-free coatings with our new Paliotan® VIU pigment range!


Less Heat for More Design


Our solutions for solar heat management empower new design possibilities. While dark surfaces with standard black pigments intensively absorb solar energy and convert it to heat Sicopal®, Xfast® and Spectrasense® functional black can be used to formulate systems that reflect sun radiation.


LiDAR Detection for Dark Objects


Carbon black strongly absorbs near-infrared (NIR) light detection and ranging LiDAR signals used by autonomous vehicles for navigation. Automotive coating formulations using NIR transparent Spectrasense®, or reflective Sicopal® pigments deliver superior signal response thereby improving object detection.


Advanced Materials Stand Highlights will include:

Bluepur. Polyurethane dispersion


Series of solvent free waterborne polyurethane dispersion. Bluepur family keeps products with different technical features that allow to operate on different sectors like wood flooring, industrial wood finish, DIY, textile and building and construction.


Rexin. Polyester resins


Series of solvent base and solvent free alkyd and polyester resins. REXIN keeps products with different technical features that allow to operate on different sectors like industrial wood finish, or building and construction.




Series of polyisocyanates with monomer content lower than 0.1%, like aliphatic trimers, TDI adducts, TDI trimers, TDI/HDI trimers, moisture curing prepolymers and TDI terminated prepolymers. Products of Polurgreen line are used for a wide range of applications like industrial wood finish, industrial coatings, coatings for automotive, products for building and construction, sealant and adhesives.


Hydran GP. Polyurethane resin


Environment-friendly waterborne polyurethane resins. These resins have a higher solid content than conventional water-based polyurethane resins and contain no amines, which allow customers to shorten processing times and minimize odors while reducing greenhouse gas emissions and volatile organic compounds. This series is available globally and is suitable for a range of applications, including artificial leather, coatings and adhesives.


Burnock PE2133


Burnock PE2133 is a diluted branched polyester polyol, comprising 80% butyl acetate, renowned for its exceptional compatibility with diverse resin types. This additive enhances flexibility and gloss in formulations without compromising adhesion to the primary resin. It seamlessly integrates into both 1k and 2k systems, allowing crosslinking with polyisocyanates and amino resins. Primarily serving industrial and automotive coatings, Burnock PE2133 is a versatile solution for improving coating performance.


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