CWE 2023

14-15 June 2023 | Essen, Germany | STAND A649 in Hall 1

We look forward to seeing you at Sun Chemical's booth at Compounding World Expo 2023!


Plastics is playing an important role in our daily life: from building to transportation, from apparels to food contact packaging, etc. Consumers pay more attention to attractive colors on the shelf, smarter functions to make life easier as well as the sustainability of the whole life cycle of a plastics product.

Sun Chemical is excited to showcase our latest pigment preparations for the plastic industry. Our preparations are specially designed for easy processing in PO, rubbers, PVC and several engineering plastics. These products improve polymer operations, resulting in reliable performance, improved working conditions, fast processing and the efficient use of working capital. With the newest products, we enable even more freedom in color design and make the earth greener.

Stand Highlights will include:

Stand Highlight#1

Blue for Biocomposting


Sun Chemical offers a new pigment preparation for bio-composting polymers. Microlen® Blue 7460 ECO is a controlled low metal blue pigment preparation with a bio based carrier; this preparation is certified according to DIN EN 13432. The product fills the gap against phthalocyanine blue and -green pigments that can only be used in limited quantities because of the presence of copper.


Stand Highlight

Smart Black for Recycling


Microlen® Black 0098 MP and Eupolen® PE Black 00-9805 are two different smart solutions for sustainable black plastics.
These pigment preparations – delivered in an non-dusting physical form - are designed for the coloration of PO-materials and enable efficient polymer sorting. As a result, these products significantly ease the recycling of black plastic packaging.


Stand Highlight

Smart Red with Utmost Coloristics


With the product launch of Microlith® Red 4180 KP we have a unique blue shade red pigment preparation for the coloration of PVC.
Apart from the ease of use and ultimate dispersion level, Microlith® Red 4180 KP generates significant coloristical benefits over the powder pigment, like a much higher chromatic shade as well as a much higher color strength and transparency.


Stand Highlight

Cool Black for Construction and Automotive


Microlith® Black 0087 KP, a cool and smart black preparation for PVC, combines color with functionality.
The utmost dispersion level leads to an attractive appearance and high transparency.
Microlith® Black 0087 KP offers an efficient tool for heat management solutions in building & construction and automotive applications. .


Stand Highlight

Pigment Preparations for Plastics


With a broad range of pigment preparations for plastics, we make the coloration of plastics easier, more efficient and sustainable.


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