Chinaplas 2023

17-20 April 2023 | WECC, Shenzhen, China | Booth 14H41

We look forward to seeing you at Sun Chemical's booth at Chinaplas 2023!


Plastics is playing an important role in our daily life: from building to transportation, from apparels to food contact packaging, etc. Consumers pay more attention to attractive colors on the shelf, smarter functions to make life easier as well as the sustainability of the whole life cycle of a plastics product.

Sun Chemical is excited to showcase our latest products in plastic industry. Together, we enable more freedoms in design and make the earth greener.

Stand Highlights will include:

Stand Highlight#1

Color is Conscious.


Sun Chemical offers the most comprehensive color portfolio serving the plastic industry, including global food contact and toys compliance pigments, dyes and effect pigments, a wide selection of colorants with Oeko-TEX certification for spin-dyeing fiber, and portfolio for compostable plastics. When combining your formulation capabilities and our PS&R expertise, we bring more safe products for the world.


Stand Highlight

Color is Durable.


With outstanding heat resistance and chemical stability in engineering plastics, such as polyamide, polybutylene terephthalate, and polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) compounds, they perform durably in end-use applications. Thanks to excellent processing and dispersibility properties, they are ideal for demanding applications.


Stand Highlight

Color is Smart.


Our solutions for NIR light management empower new design flexibility and enable cutting-edge technologies, like Sicopal® Black K 0098FK for waste sorting & solar heat management, Spectrasense™ for laser welding and LiDAR, etc. Our Pigment Preparation Portfolio enable more efficient production process with less waste of rework. Together, We make the life easier.


Stand Highlight

Orange for e-mobility


Orange indicates danger for high voltage components in electrical vehicles and other application. To well balance target shade standard, polymer suitability, technical property and electrical characteristics, we can help you by selecting the right colorants from the start.


Stand Highlight

Black for Recycle


Thanks to its high purity and excellent processing stability, our Sicopal® Black K 0098FK enables the sorting of black and other dark plastics, and it can even be used for multiple processing steps and closed loop recycling, which can avoid plastics waste being incinerated or landfilled.


Stand Highlight

Plant a Tree with Pigment Finder


Let‘s color the earth with more trees together! Visit our booth to check out Pigment Finder and sign up to join our tree planted initiative. For every account that is validated by May 20, 2023, we‘ll plant a tree!


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