IFT 2023

17-19 July 2023 | Chicago, IL | STAND #S2446

We look forward to seeing you at Sun Chemical's booth at IFT 2023!


We’re excited to showcase our newest products at this year’s IFT tradeshow. Visit Sun Chemical’s booth to see our latest color innovations for the Food & Beverage industries. Get INSPIRED BY NATURE and imagine the possibilities you can create!

Stand Highlights will include:

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Are you looking for a supplier with a history of reliable performance? Our Spirulina is FDA designated - generally recognized as safe (GRAS) and non-GMO project verified. This is grown exclusively in California and distributed by a reliable supplier with a history of high-quality production.


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Sun Chemical, together with our parent company DIC, is the original inventor of natural blue color extraction from spirulina since 1977. Our globally patented technology, LINABLUE®, showcases an unprecedented 99% solubility in water. Leveraging automation and precise process control, our products offer extremely high consistency in color value within and between batches, a feature that is typically challenging for natural colors.


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SUNFOODS™ Iron oxides


Color continues to play an important role in how a pet owner perceives pet food quality. An attractive color enhances the perceived flavor and affirms nutritional claims. When it comes to treats, color is a key element to help a product stand out on the shelf and influences a consumer in the buying process. SUNFOODS™ high purity iron oxides are the perfect solution to create a broad palette of colors, in addition to claiming a non-artificial ingredient.


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TiO2 Alternative


TiO2 is now banned to be used in food in EU, and is under review and in the to ban list by California State Assembly. Are you looking for TiO2 alternative? Reach out to us to learn about our proprietary formulated liquid and powder solutions to solve your needs in beverage, confectionary and dairy applications


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Red 3 alternative


California State Assembly is seeking to prohibit the manufacture, sale or distribution of food products in California containing red dye No. 3, when there is time for the final decision to be made. We understand the impact of legislation on consumer awareness and demand, your formulation and business. We are here to work with you in finding the right synthetic red alternative solutions for your application, whether it is in fruit cups, confectionary or yogurt.


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With the increasing demand for healthy lifestyle, clean label and natural derived ingredients, SUNFOODS™ Natural Colorants addresses the rising need for natural colors in a variety of food and beverage applications. Our experts have the experience and knowledge you need to identify the most suitable colorants for your particular application.



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