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The Power of Flexible Packaging

Sun Chemical is committed to supporting the flexible packaging industry achieve its sustainability goals. Our approach to sustainable product development includes risk management and eco-efficiency improvements, as well as a proactive approach in working with suppliers, customers, and industry trade groups to promote best practices.

Our Guide to Sustainable Packaging identifies actions we have taken that align with some of the 17 UN goals below that we believe will have a positive impact in the development of a more sustainable flexible packaging industry.

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Product Offering:


SunUno Solimax multi-purpose ink system will maximize press room efficiency while simplifying the overall print production process. Intended for surface printing and lamination for various end-use applications. 

SunSpectro Series of surface and reverse water and solvent-based inks were developed for high-speed printing on film. These inks can provide moderate heat resistance of up to 350 degrees, maintain excellent gloss, and are suitable for use with conventional and high-performance printing plates.
SunStrato Series of laminating water and solvent-based family of inks offer maximum color strength, low solvent retention, excellent adhesive and extrusion bonds, and are suitable for use with conventional and high-performance printing plates.

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