in-cosmetics 2024

April 16 - April 18 | Paris, France | Booth 1G39

We look forward to seeing you at Sun Chemical's booth at in-cosmetics 2024!


With the Beauty is colorful. We are the color expert’s campaign, Sun Chemical provides colorful and sustainable solutions to the beauty industry by drawing on the broadest and, most comprehensive color portfolio.


Stand Highlights will include:

Color is Confident


Discover the vibrant allure of the INTENZA® Hana Collection - a fusion of intense chroma and iridescent two-tone effects. Igniting bold colors with lustrous pearlescence, this new generation of INTENZA pigments unveils rich, saturated colors like Solar Ruby, Aqua Sky, and Rosé Gold. Experience the brilliance of FDA-certified colors and 100% USA natural mica-based effect pigments powered by a patent-pending technology.


Color is Natural


Embrace sustainability with our latest innovation: beta carotene-based natural colorants. Elevate your color cosmetics and personal care formulations with eco-friendly solutions. Our trending formulations harness the power of nature, offering vibrant hues while supporting sustainable practices. Join us in paving the way for a sustainable beauty future.


Color is Moving


Unlock mesmerizing color travel effects with expert formulations and color creation skills. Dive into a world of stunning metallic and iridescent colors that shift and sparkle, crafted through decades of innovation and expertise. Explore our broad portfolio of color travel pigments, each boasting dazzling and stunning effects across cosmetics and personal care and inspiring endless possibilities.


Beauty is Caring


As experts in vibrant colors, Sun Chemical extends its portfolio to sustainable skincare solutions. Discover SACRANEX™, our new algae derived polysaccharide active ingredient for skincare. Derived from lab-grown Suizenji Nori algae, it enhances beauty from within. Our indoor cultivation ensures a stable, eco-conscious source, preserving a rare species of algae for future generations.


Color is Uplifting


Oranges are in season. Associated with joy and uplifting vibrancy, orange reminds us of juicy citrus, creamsicle ice pops, and birds of paradise. Flamenco® Summit Orange O80D and Reflecks™ Dimensions Metallic Orange GO90D are the latest innovations offering exceptionally bright and reflective effects. Orange energizes and elevates us with optimism for what’s ahead. Join the movement with Flamenco® Summit Orange O80D and ReflecksTM Dimensions Metallic Orange GO90D


Color is Trending


Explore “THRIVE” the latest installment of the Sunchemicals global Beauty and Color trend program THRIVE is more than just a collection of colors – it's a journey and an opportunity to transform uncertainties into positive energies. THRIVE is a curated collection translating tomorrow's beauty movements into innovative cosmetic formulas and pigment combinations as virtual colors.


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