K 2022

19-26 October 2022 | Düsseldorf, Germany | Hall 8B Stand A53  

We look forward to seeing you at Sun Chemical's booth during K 2022

Under the theme: ‘Your Global Partner’, Sun Chemical will present its leading Polyphenylene Sulfide (PPS) portfolio and its pigment offering for the plastics industry at K 2022 (19-26 October 2022, Messe Düsseldorf) on stand A53, Hall 8B. Visit us to discover our latest solutions.

Stand highlights will include:

Pigments and Pigment Preparations for Sustainable Plastics

Microlen® Blue 7460 ECO is our newest pigment preparation for the coloration of compostable plastics pigment solutions.

Sicopal® Black K 0098 FK, Microlen® Black 0098 MP and Eupolen® PE Black 00-9805 contribute to smarter recycling of plastics by replacing carbon black. These products enable the sorting of black and other dark plastics by material recovery facilities (MRFs). Thanks to their high purity and excellent processing stability they can even be used for multiple processing steps and closed loop recycling. Sicopal® Black K 0098 FK is additionally supported for both oven and microwave conditions of use.


Pigments for High Temperature Polymers

Our pigments can “take the heat!” Designed for demanding polymers, our pigments offer outstanding heat resistance and chemical stability in the production process. With the trend towards safety recognition coloration e.g. orange / red colors for e-mobility, we offer inorganic pigment solutions like Sicopal® Orange K 2430 or Sicopal® Red K 3050 FK.


Effects pigments for the automotive market

NEW Lumina® Royal Sparkling Blue provides formulators with a special effect pigment that can achieve a high sparkle look especially in the blue color space.


Solar Heat Management Solutions

SpectrasenseTM and Sicopal® functional pigments keep even the darkest surfaces cool.

Our solutions for solar heat management empower new design possibilities. While dark surfaces with standard black pigments intensively absorb solar energy and convert it to heat, our functional black pigments can be used to formulate systems that reflect sun radiation.

We will launch Microlith(R) Black 0087 KP which provides utmost dispersion in PVC and therefore improved transparency and higher jetness in full shade applications.


Pigments for Fibers

Known as one of the most demanding processes, fibers challenge even the most skilled polymer scientist. That's why we offer a wide range of pigments across the color spectrum for purity demanding fibers and textiles applications. Our newest product, Paliotol® Yellow K 1839 FP, is designed specifically for fiber applications, it provides higher color strength and chroma.

PPS Compounds for Automotive Applications Including:

DIC.PPS Z-200-XP Polyphenylene Sulfide is a newly developed grade for pipe and tube extrusion, especially automotive coolant lines. This linear impact modified PPS compound combines outstanding chemical and heat shock resistance with superior impact properties.


PPS Compounds for E-mobility

Elastomer modified PPS for applications in electrical powertrains for hybrid and battery vehicles. Superior electrical and insulation performance, dimensional stability and low water absorption enable engineers to design eco-friendly propulsion parts with additional safety due to its inherent flame retardancy (UL V-0 rating).


PPS Compounds for Domestic Water Supply Systems

PPS compounds with food and drinking water approvals for domestic water supply systems such as water meters, fittings and mixing cartridges. These hydrolysis resistant compounds are designed for metal and brass replacement providing long term dimensional stability.

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